[development] situation with unmaintained user-contributed modules

jillsemail at bendbroadband.com jillsemail at bendbroadband.com
Thu Jan 4 21:26:55 UTC 2007

What is the process to 'fix the situation' when the module developer does not respond to any posts about  his/her module via the 'issues' process and does not do anything when users contribute patches to fix bugs or add features? 

And, to make it more difficult, some developers have set their profiles so that they cannot be contacted via email, meaning there is no direct way for a user to communicate with them. I understand not wanting to be bothered, of course...but how does one know if they have 'lost interest' or are 'just busy'?

I did find a good thread entitled "Encouraging Collaboration" here: http://lists.drupal.org/archives/development/2005-11/msg00505.html and also some useful info in the Drupal handbook: 'joining forces': http://drupal.org/node/23789.  And the CVS account application states: "If you have been asked to co-maintain an existing module, please link to an issue where the current maintainer explicitly states so." But none of these resources tell an eager user what to do to help maintain a contributed module when there is no apparent way to contact the 'official' developer.

I see from several posts that some *new* contributed modules are created...in spite of the fact that they create a "duplication of effort "...for this very reason: unable to communicate with the developer of a similar module. 

I know there might already be some process by which contributed modules are 'dropped' or 'put up for adoption' when they are unmaintained, but I could not find any documentation on the subject.

Please forgive me if I have posted to the wrong list with this topic. Guidance on where else to go for help is appreciated!
Thank you for your input,
Jill Elaine

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