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Ashraf Amayreh mistknight at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:20:04 UTC 2007

I really won't make it long, but with another person to give final decisions
the RTBC queues would deplete faster, the workload on Dries would lessen,
the patches going in to core would almost double, and everything will be
swell for everyone.

Real leaders delegate and I have faith that Dries has or will in fact do
that when he finds someone who can share this load. Unfortunately, Dries is
the current bottleneck, not because he's not doing a splendid job but
because he's a human who can't take the load no matter how hard he tries to

Dries, why don't you choose a person and hold the right to revoke that
authority from him if he goes off track? You'll really have to choose wisely
but you will speed things by about the double. And just keep a close eye on
him or any complaints that you may get.

If this doesn't sound convincing enough then just imagine how things will
become once the core developers double in number!  Without a sub-Dries
things will look twice as bad for core developers as they are now. This is
flagging a warning that we should heed.

On 7/1/07, Fernando Silva <fsilva.pt at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/1/07, Chad Phillips -- Apartment Lines <chad at apartmentlines.com>
> wrote:
> > Nedjo wrote:
> >
> >> There are very few members of our community who consistently meet these
> >> measures. Dries is one of them, and Drupal's success is due
> insignificant
> >> measure to that fact.
> >
> > i agree.  but let me suggest that there's a bit of a self-fulfilling
> > prophecy going on here.  i think more members of the community could
> > meet the measures you outlined, if they were given the chance to
> > assume the responsibility, make some mistakes, and learn.
> Just to name a few:
> * more chx involvement
> * Bèr being taken more seriously
> * more support for decision made by robertDouglass and Kjartan
> Anyway, the problem taking more people into core development is that
> there is not a "clear roadmap" to accept new core developers. The
> current situation can be resumed in some steps:
> * a developer starts using and developing drupal
> * until that developer makes some real good module (that should be in
> core) or "extraordinary something" it will not be "accepted" into core
> even if he lives to patch bugs
> * after acception based in meritocracy, there exists a small democracy
> based on "influence"
> * finally there is a monarchy to "rule them all"
> These are the facts and, before anything else, one thing must be said:
> in this exact moment Drupal lives well, has fantastic developers and a
> guy that knows how to rule.
> So where is the problem? Nowhere! There is no problem... yet. And is
> this small "yet" that should make some of the more influent guys
> around here think about.
> Will Drupal community wait for a real problem, to solve it, or prepare
> the vaccine before the disease comes?
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