[development] Perm for setting RTBC - Re: RTBC - how does it work?

James Walker walkah at walkah.net
Tue Jul 3 04:42:49 UTC 2007

Yay Drumm!

On 7/2/07 11:55 PM, Neil Drumm wrote:
> I believe reducing our queues is not something software will solve. It
> is a human "problem" that needs a human solution.


> Automated tests would change the queue size to a smaller constant, if
> at all. They are are good, but would not alone lead to a very small
> number of issues.

for sure, but i think a useful addition.

> Making reviewing easier will help. I could probably come up with a
> laundry list of small improvements to project module, but that won't
> help dww or other project module people. A lot of it is probably in
> the project.module issue queue.

I actually think some of these are worth pursuing - not because the tech
will fix it - but because making it easier / more pleasurable to both be
a maintainer and provide reviews is a good thing.

And since dww just solicited your list as I'm writing this I'll throw in
a couple off the top of my head... things like:

* per-component maintainers - as a core module maintainer (i know, i
can't believe it either) it'd be nice if issues filed against my stuff
automatically got assigned to me. ya ya, rss feeds (don't show updates)
and i can bookmark ... it'd make it easier

* power to re-assign to someone other than yourself - this one is tricky
and i'm *sure* there's probably a patch for it... but in general I think
issue ownership is sort of conceptually important.

i know i'm missing other obvious ones...

> The real winner would be a community change to increase the value of a
> review. Writing a patch solves your problem. Reviewing help solves
> someone else's problem. That is why I think there are more patches
> than reviews.

I think you're absolutely on to something. Totally guilty as charged.

But I think there are a couple things at play here - recognizing the
value of reviews. what constitutes a good review. And I also think we
need to get better as a community at managing and keeping expectations
in check. As in - it's not just about core committers should to X, but
the rest of the developers need to also do Y. (for some to be determined
values of X & Y ;)

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