[development] Perm for setting RTBC - Re: RTBC - how does it work?

Neil Drumm drumm at delocalizedham.com
Tue Jul 3 08:53:15 UTC 2007

On 7/2/07, James Walker <walkah at walkah.net> wrote:
> On 7/2/07 11:55 PM, Neil Drumm wrote:
> > Automated tests would change the queue size to a smaller constant, if
> > at all. They are are good, but would not alone lead to a very small
> > number of issues.
> for sure, but i think a useful addition.

But is it worth the effort? Probably if someone has the time and motivation.

> > Making reviewing easier will help. I could probably come up with a
> > laundry list of small improvements to project module, but that won't
> > help dww or other project module people. A lot of it is probably in
> > the project.module issue queue.
> I actually think some of these are worth pursuing - not because the tech
> will fix it - but because making it easier / more pleasurable to both be
> a maintainer and provide reviews is a good thing.
> And since dww just solicited your list as I'm writing this I'll throw in

Lets start with the advanced search. Issues need to be found before
they can be reviewed.

For finding the advanced search, I know how to get to it in 2 clicks
starting logged into Drupal.org with the contributor block turned on.
I found a non-obvious 3-click route when logged out- the release
announcement and then the bug reports link. I'm not sure it is a
problem, but it could be, especially for new users.

The contributor's goals for advanced search include
- Find an existing issue to avoid submitting a duplicate
- Find that issue you saw last week
- Find issues on a part of Drupal you are interested in working on
The search screen needs to help contributors find what they are looking for.

The search screen itself is not friendly. Standards,
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/query.cgi?format=advanced, are not high,
but we can do better. We have all the fields covered already, but not
- Selecting things in small select boxes is a pain. You can't see your
full selection and lose it with one click while not holding down the
right keys. I would recommend checkboxes instead.
- There is no way to select all of 5.x or 4.7.x.
- The defaults include support requests. Does anyone actually leave
that selected?
- There are better page layout mechanisms than the arbitrary table.
Make sure things are in places that make sense.
- A little bit more descriptive text can get new users up to speed
faster, but not get in the way of power users.

On to the results page:
- This is a good page to come back to, but getting a specific url for
it requires knowing to click the # hidden at the bottom. We should go
directly to the permanent link.
- The dropdowns are inadequate to represent your search and are often
wrong. A full description of the search should be shown, even if it is
not editable. The dropdowns should probably be skipped all together.
- There is no way to get to a pre-filled advanced search screen from
your current results. Making minor adjustments to the search is
impossible, unless you are lucky enough to have it in your browser
- A line saying how many issues were found would help with tracking progress.

Neil Drumm

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