[development] String freeze

Stefan Nagtegaal development at robuustdesign.nl
Tue Jul 3 12:54:44 UTC 2007

Op 3-jul-2007, om 13:55 heeft Gabor Hojtsy het volgende geschreven:

>> b) Is RC1 enough time? If we set it at beta-2 or something would  
>> that allow us to include a few translations in Drupal core itself  
>> by RC1?
> Unfortunately most Drupal core translations are not 100% complete,  
> and even when they technically look like being complete, the  
> quality leaves more to be desired. If you would find a low quality  
> translation within the Drupal package, would you associate this low  
> quality perception to the whole package? Do you have an idea on how  
> the different languages can be quality-assured/controlled?
> Gabor
Well, wouldn't that be the same as reviewing a patch?
I would step up to volunteer for having a full Dutch translation in  
core, and perhaps there are more people who would like to help.


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