[development] String freeze

Erik Stielstra info at erikstielstra.nl
Tue Jul 3 10:53:17 UTC 2007

Angela Byron wrote:
> Greg Knaddison just asked about this in IRC, and given D6's focus as 
> "the i18n release," it's worth bringing this up, I think...
> Last release, we had a "string freeze" once we hit RC1. This meant 
> that any clarifications/clean-ups/etc. to any user-facing text (help 
> messages, form labels, etc.) were 'frozen' and couldn't be altered 
> after RC1 was released, in order to give translators ample time to 
> translate Drupal.
> a) Shall we go ahead and implement this policy again this release?
I'll like to continue the 'at RC1' string freeze policy with D6.
With the D5 release is was enough time to complete the Dutch 
translation. We had a fully translated D4.7 to work from so we 'only' 
had to translate the changes.


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