[development] String freeze

Erik Stielstra info at erikstielstra.nl
Tue Jul 3 11:07:48 UTC 2007

Konstantin Käfer wrote:
> <snip>
> I'd like to propose something else, though: While translating, I get 
> to read all the help text included in Drupal, and I noticed that most 
> of those help texts are not very well written and even include factual 
> errors (e.g. removed features, no mention of newly added features 
> etc.). I'd like to cast a kind of "user interface text team" that 
> especially takes care of such issues. We could for example set up a 
> site with Drupal 6, enable locale module and use it to modify the 
> english strings (english -> english "translation"). After we've fixed 
> those strings, we can create patches against HEAD. Not sure if that's 
> a good/practiable solution. Any suggestions?
> Konstantin Käfer – http://kkaefer.com/
I have also experienced inconsistencies and difficult to understand 
texts during translation. However an English - English translation with 
Drupal as translation environment would not work for me. A Drupal 6 
install for testing and my usual  PHP development tools will do. But 
apart from the tools, I like to join forces to improve the usability of 
Drupal texts.


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