[development] Question about Drupal performance

Jonas M Luster jluster at jluster.org
Mon Jul 9 23:41:02 UTC 2007

> Can you comment on this, please? I am just going to setup some more
> Drupal site and got a bit frustrated.

>From someone whose name and voice you won't hear much on this here
list. Tell that so-called "admin" to go and take a looooong vacation
and then come back, s/he apparently needs one, stress can cloud

>From my personal experience, any framework/application is only as good
as the intentions and abilities of the implementor. If your admin
dismisses the viability of Drupal I have to question their abilities
or intent for using it. In the past three years I have implemented,
among other things:

* an infrastructure for users from fundamentalist/oppressive countries
to communicate without fear of repercussion (Bloggers without
Borders). BwoB is in active use inside some NGOs and would not have
been possible with any other application or application framework in
the extend and ease of implementation as it is with Drupal.

* a complete solution, back- and frontend, for a commercial entity
(Socialtext, www.socialtext.com). Implementation and responding to
customer (in-house customers, you know, the ones whose reason is
inverse proportional to your workload) demands was lightning fast
while I supported this piece in-house.

* Not one but three personal/small-community sites that are actually
maintained by their owners these days. Try that with ANY other
contender. "Hey, so I set this up, here's a URL to read up on
maintenance, have a nice day". Works with Drupal.

All in all, I'd hedge a bet, that this "admin" never REALLY looked at
Drupal, never really set one site up, and never had to support
anything else outside of his/her own limited area of knowledge. Tell
them to either go and get a clue or contact me for some good
old-fashioned lashing with the LART bat.


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