[development] Question about Drupal performance

Lennart Borgman (gmail) lennart.borgman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 14:12:13 UTC 2007

J-P Stacey wrote:
> One option for a hosting company is to run their own core Drupal system, 
> with each customer being able to edit the contents of a subdirectory in 
> the sites/ directory. That way they can keep control over much of the 
> behaviour, keep it patched, remove CPU-hungry bits at their own 
> discretion etc. I've not heard of anyone doing this yet, though.

Thanks J-P.

I have always wondered why an installation like that is not the standard 
for shared web hosts. A problem is perhaps incompatibilities at when 
upgrading, but that could be solved by having the customer specific part 
pointing to a special location. When the web host upgrades Drupal (and 
other similar software) they could just do a fresh install in a new 

At the web host I am currently using they do not handle Drupal, 
WordPress etc that way (which surprised me a lot when I first saw it). 
Does Drupal have builtin support for this installation structure?

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