[development] #drupal / #drupal-dev split considered harmful

Gerhard Killesreiter gerhard at killesreiter.de
Tue Jul 31 23:42:12 UTC 2007

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Gerhard Killesreiter schrieb:
> Khalid Baheyeldin schrieb:
>>> As I understood it was:
>>> #drupal - development focused
>>> #drupal-support - support focused - for newbies
>> The problem is that #drupal  is the first place newbies will think
>> of to get support. Once they are there, they are greeted with the
>> "support?" reply telling them to go to #drupal-support.
> No, they actually get a message when they join and there is a topic to
> look at.
>> This can be offputting and make people feel unwelcome. They
>> ask the first question and get a reply that amounts to : "we don't
>> serve your type here, buzz off!" (plagiarised from Esmerel)
> "You didn't read the topic or pay attention to the join message, buzz
> off" is more accurate.
>> So, I don't see why charters can change, with development
>> in #drupal-dev (and only development), then #drupal become
>> community focused, has support, infra discussions, and everything
>> else that is not development.
> I am not going to agree to this.

Let me re-phrase that: I am not going to give up #drupal to the people
who can't properly use IRC anyway.

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