[development] Module naming conventions (was Re: Naming the CVS abstraction module)

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jun 11 12:25:31 UTC 2007

Quoting Chris Johnson <cxjohnson at gmail.com>:

> Usnativeshavenoproblematallreadingthiskindofstuff.




All and all I think it comes down to the module creators choice.  The 
original thread was considering a name for VCS which every techy 
probably knows what that is for; it is an acronym for Virus Control 
System.  Acronyms are not alway understandable and should be avoided.  
versioncontrol.module for a file name is good because it is a file 
name.  The README.txt and the product pages would spell it out for 
those who cannot read that it is version control.


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