[development] idea for an install profile (and "distribution"): devel install

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Thu Mar 1 13:36:29 UTC 2007

Please write it up as a summer of code project. The page is here: 

Doing so in the next couple of days is best as we soon need to finalize 
our proposals as students will start applying to them quite soon.

Chris Johnson wrote:
> I can contribute bits and pieces to a larger project, but don't have 
> the time to drive it.  However, having it be an SoC project seems like 
> a perfect idea.  Sure, we won't have it as soon as if someone picked 
> it up right now.  But on the other hand, the scope and skill set 
> involved in building it seems just about perfect for an SoC project.
> I'd suggest perhaps a couple other modules might be useful on a dev 
> install profile:  Arto's trace module and Angie's module_builder module.
> In fact, if this becomes an SoC project, I'll volunteer to be one of 
> the mentors for it.

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