[development] Drupal Staging to Production (was Re: Summer of Code 2007 Idea - Drupal software appliance)

Boris Mann boris at bryght.com
Mon Mar 19 21:08:25 UTC 2007

On 3/19/07, KevinImNotSpacey <kevin.amerson at gmail.com> wrote:
> A separate but somewhat related question/task/complicated activity is
> moving changes between environments, such as moving a discrete change from
> dev -> integration -> test -> production.  There is a module called
> importexportapi that does some of this, but no real complete solution.
> Perhaps your project could include a methodology + utility to allow us to
> hot deploy drupal changes to a prod environment.

There are a number of people interested in solving this. Barry Jaspan
recently blogged about this:

Not sure what the best place is to collaborate around this. We need
different "recipes" around this, and likely some code as well.

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