[development] PHP version stats

Larry Cannell larry at cannell.org
Sun Mar 25 19:15:35 UTC 2007

I suggest following the timing of a conservative Open Source distribution.
Debian Stable is true to its name. It is very stable. I expect Debian Stable
will support PHP 5 upon its next major release.

The current Debian Stable is the sarge release. It was released in June

The previous Debian Stable was the woody release. It was released in July
2002. Support for it was dropped in June 2006 (one year after the release of

If timing stays the same then expect a new Stable release (etch) in June
2008 with support dropping for sarge in June 2009.

However, no release plans have been published by Debian at this time and
exact dates will surely vary. But these dates may provide some guidance.

Larry Cannell
larry at cannell.org
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