[development] Javascript API introduction

Andre Molnar mcsparkerton at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 22 13:39:49 UTC 2007

I'm sure some people know about this (was news to me though).

>From the http://learningjquery.com site:


"About the Authors
Jonathan Chaffer is a long-time Drupal contributor and creator of
Drupal’s CCK...."


Dries Buytaert wrote:
> On 21 May 2007, at 16:49, David Metzler wrote:
>> For the JQuery stuff,  I'd actually recommend looking at the Pro
>> Drupal Development book. There is an excellent introduction to JQuery
>> there.  Along with a sample module.
> Actually, it's the one chapter I'm not super-excited about.  If you know
> no jQuery at all, the chapter will be helpful.  But if you know a little
> bit about jQuery, the jQuery chapter doesn't learn you much. Most of the
> code in the jQuery chapter is PHP/Drupal code, and not Javascript/jQuery
> code.  So the chapter is good at educating you how to bind Drupal and
> jQuery, but doesn't get you far with jQuery itself.  Many of the most
> basic jQuery stuff is missing (i.e. it's extremely brief about
> selectors) and much of the chapter repeats what was already discussed in
> earlier chapters (i.e. how to build a module).
> So, if there is going to be a Drupal 6 version of the book (*please*),
> I'd suggest that the jQuery chapter gets another 10 pages with more
> jQuery tips and tricks.
> That said, the book rocks! :)
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