[development] Do not let postgresql hold back great patches

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Nov 12 20:10:33 UTC 2007

Quoting Larry Garfield <larry at garfieldtech.com>:

> You have just proposed that we create our own serialized language 
> called DSQL that we then regex for *every single query* and then 
> rewrite a query for each database backend according to some abstract 
> set of rules.

No, that isn't what I proposed exactly.  It is what you read into it.  
The query need not be rewritten if the structure is sane to begin with. 
  If precious MySQL is the favored one, we say Drupal SQL uses its 
syntax structure.  Everything else then is slightly slower because the 
string needs parsed to syntax manipulate the string.  And if done 
correctly the parsed string is cached so that it doesn't have to 

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