[development] Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina

Jim Li jimmydami at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 17:48:47 UTC 2007

I often think 'group' as in organic groups...

The fact it uses the same word 'group' as that used in OG, brings
ambiguity and difficulty in translation. AFAIK, locale translation
can't distinguish same word from different modules/context. Another
example is 'view'. It's sort of a noun in views.module, but a verb in
'view node/comment/user'. They just can't be the exact same word(s) in
some languages, in my case Chinese.

Before we fix it, let's not introduce another generic word that could
have other meanings at other places.

On Nov 14, 2007 12:39 PM, Alex Cochrane <alex at spoon.com.au> wrote:
leasing to the eye (and vice versa I'm sure).
> How about this proposal:
> taxonomy.module--> classification.module
> vocabulary --> GROUP
> term --> category
> Alex Cochrane

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