[development] New core install profiles for D6? (was Re:Early Drupal 6 review from Chris Messina)

adrian rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Fri Nov 16 06:11:52 UTC 2007

On 16 Nov 2007, at 4:41 AM, Derek Wright wrote:

> My efforts aren't going to be "around about D7 time".  If all goes  
> according to plan (and all the current pledges of funding actually  
> come through), there will be packaged install profiles on d.o in  
> about a month or so.  I have every intention to support fully  
> packaged D5 install profiles.  Of course, that doesn't rule out  
> other install profile improvements once D7 development opens up.   
> But, people shouldn't consider this functionality something only  
> for the distant future.
I'm just worried about what happens when D7 comes out.

I don't think that the hook_profile_modules is very sensible for  
install profile module requirements, and I fully intend on
introducing .info files for Drupal 7.

This would mean that install profile packaging will get broken during  
the drupal 7 development, and will need to
be maintained, in tandem with the old mechanism.

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