[development] Choosing the N number for .install's hook_update_N

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Wed Aug 6 05:11:25 UTC 2008

> Sorry, my POV comes from the documentation provided to the module 
> developers where it is stated that exactly 1 digit for Drupal, exactly 
> 1 digit for the module and exactly 2 digits for the sequence is 
> expected.  Are you saying the documentation is incorrect?  I raised the 
> suggestion because of the documentation.

I really try hard to ignore you but as you are wasting Derek's time I can't this time alas.

Why this would not be enough? it's absolutely, totally unrealistic for any module to have 10 branches for a given Drupal version.

It's equally unrealistic for any branch to have more than a hundred database updates.

So how [digit for Drupalcorenumber][digit for branchnumber][two digits for sequence] is not enough?

I would suspect that as usual you do not have a clue just you are writing that we should do this, change that and so forth. I begged you in the past to stop but you don't. Ah well. Life can't be perfect.

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