[development] Patch reviewing best practices [was] What about reviewing patches?

Jerad Bitner sirkitree at gmail.com
Thu Aug 14 14:12:19 UTC 2008

So I'd like to hear from those of you who do a lot of core patch reviews to
find out what is your workflow?

It was pointed out in the last thread that it's not a matter of it taking a
long time to actually review a patch, but to get everything in place in
order to review a patch and having a standard environment setup that is
conducive to reviewing patches. I'm sure there are many devs out there that
have a standard set of steps they go through to test out a d6 patch and
something similar for then testing out a d7 patch. I'm sure it would help
many people to hear some of these setups in order to replicate these
practices on their own machines and get some patch reviewing done. If
anything, comparing notes from different developers on how they approach
this could lead to some great standard set of practices and therefor,
handbook pages ;)

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