[development] What about reviewing patches?

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Aug 14 19:20:33 UTC 2008

Quoting Nathaniel Catchpole <catch56 at googlemail.com>:

> On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
>> Cooler than a snowball on a hot tin roof!  How often does the cron job run?
> It doesn't at the moment.

So is it being run by hand?  I set at http://testing.drupal.org/tests 
text like "1 hour 27 min ago" under the "Submitted" column.

>>  Is the plan to submit the results to the issue where the patch resides?
> Yes. But the bot can't set status until http://drupal.org/node/271216
> is resolved - if you (or anyone else) would like to see this actually
> happen, pitch in there.

I don't know how much I have left to pitch (at least for August) but 
I've bookmarked it.

>>  Do
>> you plan for a similar system for contrib modules?
> I don't know if the testbed is set up to handle contrib modules as
> well. That would be a natural extension of it though (although it'd
> have to be one module added at a time, and we don't have any contribs
> on api.drupal.org yet either).

Well, that would be another plus for contrib.  At least I have 
http://drupal.kollm.org/node/1 thanks to ax.

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