[development] XML Sitemap 6.x-1.x-dev: Bugs, Typos & Quality

Nathaniel Catchpole catch56 at googlemail.com
Thu Dec 18 13:13:55 UTC 2008

The issue queue for http://drupal.org/project/xmlsitemap is over there.

Instructions for creating patches are at http://drupal.org/patch/create

Development tarballs are created automatically by the Drupal.org packaging
script and have big red Xs next to them to stop regular users downloading
them. It's the same as checking it out from CVS, except a daily snapshot of
whatever's in there at the time.

Development tarballs are for people to try out and contribute back bug
reports and patches back to the issue queue so they can be rolled into the
next stable release - if you can fix things locally, you could have spent
the time doing this instead of sending a complaint to however many thousand
people subscribe to this list.


On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 12:47 PM, Jens Reinemuth  wrote:

> Hi everybody...
> since a couple of weeks i have permanent problems with the development
> snapshots of the XML Sitemap.
> O.K. i know these are dev-snapshots, but i don't really uderstand what
> happens here. if i would check out these files from CVS, i could live
> with the recent bugs (nearly all are typos, e.g. "columhn_exist" or
> forgotten semicolons, paranthesis, ...) but i really wonder how someone
> could package these broken files into a tar.gz and release it...
> This is very uncomfortable on my development servers as they nearly all
> run on lighttpd and you have to do some tricks to get it to work with
> drupals Clean-URLs, you allways have to change same line of code in
> settings-file, run the updates, get errors, fix all the stupid little
> typos, run updates again, add semikolon, ...
> I really would see the devs checking the code (or simply use something
> like eclipse and look for the underlined parts of their code...) before
> packaging it and releasing it to the website.
> On all my servers there are about 15 drupal-Sites and i never had these
> problems with any other modules.
> Jens
> --
> Jens Reinemuth
> Ahornweg 23
> 51469 Bergisch Gladbach
> Germany
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