[development] XML Sitemap 6.x-1.x-dev: Bugs, Typos & Quality

matt at mattfarina.com matt at mattfarina.com
Thu Dec 18 13:37:16 UTC 2008

When you talk about the dev-linuxes, dev-kernels, etc. that would be  
comparable to drupal core.

Each contributed module is it's own project (like the linux kernel)  
but on a much smaller scale. Some of these projects are well  
maintained and the issues noted aren't a problem. Some of them, just  
like projects all over, could use some love and attention.

If you willing I imagine a lot of maintainers would welcome the help  
in creating better projects. I know I would.

Quoting Jens Reinemuth <jens at reinemuth.info>:

> Nathaniel Catchpole schrieb:
>> The issue queue for http://drupal.org/project/xmlsitemap is over there.
>> Instructions for creating patches are at http://drupal.org/patch/create
>> Development tarballs are created automatically by the Drupal.org
>> packaging script and have big red Xs next to them to stop regular
>> users downloading them. It's the same as checking it out from CVS,
>> except a daily snapshot of whatever's in there at the time.
>> Development tarballs are for people to try out and contribute back bug
>> reports and patches back to the issue queue so they can be rolled into
>> the next stable release - if you can fix things locally, you could
>> have spent the time doing this instead of sending a complaint to
>> however many thousand people subscribe to this list.
>> Nat
> So it's better to submit a bunch of patches simply correcting typos than
> trying to get to know where (or who) the problem is?
> Sorry for "spamming" those thousands of drupal-users here. But i don't
> get it: Even if i stay on dev-linuxes, with dev-kernels, dev-drivers,
> dev-software, ... the times someone submitted code with such simple
> typos in the recent years would be under 10.
> On the opposite i have a module where the devs (or maintainers)
> constantly check-in - easy to fix - bugged code. If this is common in
> the drupal-scene we would have to change something about it...
> But ok. I'll get a cvs-account and commit about 10 patches a week
> countaining commas or something like that...
> Jens

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