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Mon Feb 4 14:12:47 UTC 2008

Gabor's blog post is useful, input formats are definitely the real issue
with this.

On that note - Corsix and cwgordon (both ex-GHOP students) developed the
flexifilter module: http://drupal.org/project/flexifilter which may impact
this discussion a little. I've not yet used it, and they can speak for
themselves, but as far as I understand it allows for creating custom filters
from scratch, but more importantly for this discussion,  importing filters
from other modules (which can then be customised via the ui as well). All
this is maintained in the db. Having Drupal know exactly what's going to
happen to which elements in different input formats could help a lot with
tying them into an editor - and it'd also mean only loading one module for
filters as opposed to the six, seven (think bbcode, smileys, youtube, wiki,
textile, code filter etc.) or more that can easily build up on any remotely
complex site. Could make all this a lot easier to tie together.
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