[development] Module developers, please do *proper* releases !

catch catch56 at googlemail.com
Mon Feb 25 16:18:14 UTC 2008

Jakob Petsovis wrote:
>Even though Drupal is server software, a server is something that can be
>bought for a few euros (or $YOUR_CURRENCY) at your favorite shared host,
>server software is deployed as easily as to copy some files over FTP. The
>easier it is to get it running, the more amateur users you'll get.

Well count me as someone who did their first CMS install via Fantastico..

I'd agree that a lot of users aren't going to know what a dev release is
(certainly less so than they'd know what an Alpha or Beta or RC release is)
- and the situation we're talking about is when the only release available
is -dev, with no other context- and maybe no alternative module purporting
to do the same thing to compare with.

I think the vast majority of people choose modules based on whether they do
something that they need. It's only with a reasonable amount of experience
that those specific needs get expanded to include abstract stuff like
performant and secure code, upgrade paths etc. and often a part of getting
that experience is having your site hosed a couple times.
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