[development] Best practices: Config settings

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Wed Jan 2 00:58:06 UTC 2008

Gerhard Killesreiter wrote:
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> Hi there,
> my question is: Where should contrib module authors put config options
> for their modules?
> In principle, I think that the variable should be set at
> admin/settings/performance but who is going to look there again after
> each newly installed module?

Right. That's why I'd advocate for under admin/settings/<yourmodule>. If 
you want, what you could do as a workaround is place a 
drupal_set_message() (or hook_help()) on other pages that could be 
affected by your setting that point back to the settings page. For example:


Event module has an option that can increase the performance of your 
site by reducing the amount of data retrieved when showing a list of 
events. See the <a href="@settings">event settings page</a> for more 

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