[development] drupal.se for sale

Greg Knaddison greg at pingvox.com
Fri Jan 4 11:58:37 UTC 2008

On Jan 4, 2008 12:40 AM, Shai Gluskin <shai at content2zero.com> wrote:
> I own "sitedrupal.org".  The idea for the site is yet another Drupal news
> site, specifically focusing on pulling out/commenting on the best-of at
> drupal.org , groups.drupal.org and lists.drupal.org.

That sounds a lot like the effort already started at
http://drupaldashboard.com  Currently Drupal Dashboard summarizes the
cvs commit list and new modules.  I'd love to have at least "important
themes" and important emails from each of the mailing lists.  So, this
is a request for editors - if you want to highlight the items that you
think are important on a particular mailing list, then
DrupalDashboard.com can give you a vehicle to do that.

While I can understand the desire to have your own site, if you'd be
willing to create a feed (or forward emails) I think that it would be
a better service to the community if we could keep them all
centralized under one site.

> Regarding the Drupal.se thing, this kind of stuff is what the Association,
> in part, was created to deal with, and I'm sure it'll deal with it well.

Agreed - I think we should generally leave it to them though advice
like the UDRP link are probably helpful to them.


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