[development] So why we do support postgresql?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sat Jan 19 22:27:44 UTC 2008

> PostgreSQL is an SQL99 reference database. When you develop SQL code for
> PostgreSQL, you can silently run the code under any database.
> On the converse, when designing SQL for a non-standard database,
> you are more likely to loose time.

That is all well and good from "it runs" (i.e. unit testing, functionality
is OK),
but when you try to optimize for large datasets or complex queries, you
have to do things that are database engine specific.

This is a classic clash been theory and reality.

PostgreSQL is a real community of very pleasant people. We are not a
> company, but a real team. Posting against PostgreSQL will certainly
> attract hundreds of PostgreSQL developers. Is that you silent dream?

That is also good, but it is not the point.

We are not debating whether Pg or MySQL are better database, or who
has a better community.

The bottleneck is how many developers know PostgreSQL AND care
about Drupal using PostgreSQL, and willing to put in the effort to keep
in tandem with MySQL so PostgreSQL does not lag behind.

Khalid M. Baheyeldin
2bits.com, Inc.
Drupal optimization, development, customization and consulting.
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