[development] Can cash for views/cck help speed Drupal 6 adoption?

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Fri Jan 25 16:48:29 UTC 2008

Steve Dondley wrote:
> 1) CCK and Views modules conversion to Drupal 6 is far behind.

Depends what you mean by behind. I had a commitment to Panels before I 
had a commitment to Views 2, and it's not feasible to work seriously on 
both simultaneously. Once Panels 2 hit beta, Views 2 work started 
picking back up. That was less than a month ago.

> 4) CCK and Views module conversion is slow because they are complex
> modules done in people's spare time.

I spend a lot of sponsored time on Views 2. CCK is more spare time, but 
there is a bigger group working on CCK and they had a 4 month head start 
on me.

> 5) Paying experienced drupal coders to work on these project will
> speed development of these modules.

The main problem I see is getting developers up to speed. It requires my 
resources to teach people what I want them to do. That said, I can still 
use the help of a couple of really good devs, but I don't have time for 
devs who aren't already very familiar with Views. And I can count on my 
hands the number of devs I've spoken to who qualify, and I can count on 
my head the number of those devs who have time to commit to it (and 
that's with or without a monetary incentive).

> 6) Firms that build websites using Drupal have an interest in rolling
> out newer and better versions of Drupal so they remain competitive.
> 7) These firms have cash to pay experienced Drupal coders.
> 8) It would be wise to have these firms pool money together to help
> speed the development of Views and CCK.

PingVision offered, but I think they were expecting me to be more 
proactive about assembling resources. Unfortunately, one thing I am not 
is a good project manager -- I find it distracting and difficult to try 
to manage developers when what I really want to do is have my head deep 
in code, coming up with solutions.

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