[development] Can cash for views/cck help speed Drupal 6 adoption?

Ronald Ashri ronald at istos.it
Fri Jan 25 15:51:10 UTC 2008

I think the issue is a bit more complicated than just offering money  
(which might help but is not the entire solution). The main problem  
is that the best people to help with Views 2 right now, which is the  
phase of basic development and where a good understanding of views is  
required, are people already very experienced with Views 1, which  
probably means that they are already involved with Views 2.

I am trying to understand the code and help but realise that even  
developers have little time to explain to newcomers what is going on  
- so there is a weird relationship where a useful but complex module  
like Views has many people depending on it and wanting to help but it  
is hard to do so because it is hard to be effective at the early  
stages of development. No point me installing Views 2 now, finding a  
bug, not really understanding what exactly is going on and wasting  
the developers time by reporting it when the whole codebase is in  
flux. Best to just let them reach a semi-stable release that can  
benefit from debugging, documentation, etc (which is what newbies  
could be most useful at).

Perhaps the most effective thing right now would be to make it as  
easy as possible for merlinofchaos and the other Views experts to  
focus on Views 2 by relieving them of other more easy and less  
demanding tasks - but for a geographically distributed group of  
people with different organizational commitments that is not easy  

I hope that once a more stable version comes out I will be able to  
help by going through the code and commenting things and producing  
appropriate documentation and making it easier for more people to get  
involved with Views 3 at the early stages.

In the meantime if anyone does have a good idea of how I could be  
useful -  I have a few hours a day I could dedicate to Views 2 or CCK  
so just let me know - while I can code quite well my first Drupal  
installation was 7 weeks ago ( www.lovesicily.com ) and while the Pro  
Drupal Development book is already wearing thin I guess I am not a  
Drupal expert yet.



On Jan 25, 2008, at 4:18 PM, Greg Knaddison - GVS wrote:

> On Jan 25, 2008 11:32 AM, Gerhard Killesreiter  
> <gerhard at killesreiter.de> wrote:
>> Steve Dondley schrieb:
>>> I'd like to get some feedback. Allow me to throw some statements
>>> out there and tell me if they are accurate:
>>> 1) CCK and Views modules conversion to Drupal 6 is far behind.
>> I've installed CCK on the D6 RC, found a bug which Yves fixed and it
>> appears to be working fine.
> Agreed.  I'm running it on a site.  Works fine for me so far.  I'm
> sure there are bugs, but it's not unusable.
>> I am not up to date on views, but I think progress is being made.
> AFAIK this is also correct that progress is being made.
>>> 2) Many people will not even think about moving to Drupal 6 until
>>> these modules are upgraded to work with Drupal 6.
>>> 3) Therefore, Drupal 6 adoption rate will be slow.
>>> If 3 is true, a worrisome development, I make the following  
>>> arguments
>>> (again, tell me if it's wrong):
>> Considering that 1) is at least partially false, I think I don't  
>> need to
>> continue. :)
> I debated about replying earlier and saying the opposite: pooling
> resources (and possibly creating bounties) will likely help speed
> things up.  I think providing testing, UI advice (views is at this
> stage now), and code (both) is more valuable than money in this case.
> There have been please for help - interested people should visit the
> issue queues of the respective projects to see where they can help.
> If people would rather throw money at the problem than resources, I
> guess someone should follow up who is interested and long on time and
> short on money to help fulfill that need ;)
> Regards,
> Greg
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> Greg Knaddison
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