[development] Code freeze?

Aaron Winborn winborn at advomatic.com
Thu Jun 26 13:18:08 UTC 2008

Yes, this is great news. I feel like all I'm doing is trying to catch up 
with module upgrades, and was worried I'd miss out on really diving into 
d7 before its code freeze. The only sadness I feel is the inevitable 
wait on hook_file. On the flip side, it would give some time for some 
experimentation with hook_file on the contrib side, which would 
hopefully allow contributors to make use of that feature and others 
closer to its launch.

Drupal 6 will have time to mature, and Drupal 7 will be a more solid 
launch for it.

Wim Leers wrote:
> Here's another confirmation of that seemingly unified sentiment. It 
> seems to me nobody has had enough time to *really* start working with 
> D6. I also still have to port several relatively popular modules, and 
> for me too, they are a higher priority than contributing to D7. So, 
> I'm also for a delay of the code freeze.
> Wim Leers  ~  http://wimleers.com/work
> On Jun 26, 2008, at 12:04 , Robert Douglass wrote:
>> Just to confirm what seems like an overwhelmingly unified sentiment: 
>> a later D7 seems like a good thing. We started a bunch of work on the 
>> search system at the search sprint in Minnesota and I'd really like 
>> to see the bulk of it get finished. Yet I'm still sitting on 
>> relatively popular modules that I have to upgrade to D6 and I can't 
>> help but think that they are a bigger priority for me at the moment. 
>> Delaying the date of the code freeze just seems like the right thing.
>> - Robert

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