[development] reverse selection of node types is clumsy

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Sat Mar 8 17:56:25 UTC 2008

On Friday 07 March 2008, Dave Fletcher wrote:
> IMO it's an interesting solution to have a widget for the purpose,
> though I'm not aware of other similar pre-fab widgets in Drupal.
> Thinking about this, yeah an admin setting seems wrong.
> If you want your module to automatically enable something for new node
> types, I'd suggest altering the node type form and put a default-on
> checkbox. That way, at least the feature can be disabled immediately
> after creating the type, and users don't have to hunt down the
> setting.
> Cheers,
> --fletch

Great.  Then your module has the same problem as comment module, where I have 
to go disable comments on every frickin' node type except for "forum" just 
because my client decided they wanted forums at the last minute.

Inverted options are a PITA, even when spread out to separate node type forms.

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