[development] Project module and extra tags

Omar Abdel-Wahab owahab at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 21:19:52 UTC 2008

This might not be a major issue but I think it worths mentioning:
release name in project with extra tags (DRUPAL-5--1-2-RC1) are listed
all in lower case while contributions CVS allows the creation of these
tags in any character case. Thus both DRUPAL-5--1-2-RC1 and
DRUPAL-5--1-2-rc1 appear the same.

I'd like to either have CVS restrict the creation of tags in lower
case at all or have project module list them in their original case.
I usually checkout code from CVS and it's painful having to visit
module's page in d.o. then browse CVS (when a module has an extra tag)
to see what is the original CVS tag.

As I just said, this might not be a major issue but I see it as an
inconsistency that may or may not get some attention.

Thank you Derek once more for the new features in project module.


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