[development] User last access

Hans Salvisberg drupal at salvisberg.com
Fri May 2 16:54:09 UTC 2008


Indeed, this is an incredible bug. For example if you have a spammer and 
you block him, then you'll trash "last access" — it'll show the time 
when you blocked him instead of when he last accessed...

Or when an administrator creates a user, the user's "last access" is 
immediately set. There's no reasonable way anymore to list those users 
who have never accessed the site. "Never" is immediately trashed, as 
you've found out.

There are people who think it should work that way for dubious reasons, 
who have managed to introduce this misbehavior into D5 and D6, and they 
won't even acknowledge that it's a bug!


I'd be extremely grateful, if you managed to get this fixed!!!


Earnie Boyd wrote:

> In testing my changes for the advuser module (D-5) I notice that if I 
> as administrator edit a user, then the Last Access column changes from 
> Never to just a few seconds ago for that user.  How important would a 
> patch to resolve this be?  I'm willing to chase it if there is enough 
> interest.

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