[development] Journal: Track your changes.

Joshua Brauer joshua at brauerranch.com
Sat May 3 20:27:35 UTC 2008

I accomplish just this effect by setting the settings for update  
status to ignore a module and list my notes as the reason. This  
doesn't prevent update status from showing the available update but it  
also shows the notes about why I may want to be cautious in updating  
the module. The addition of Journal module sounds interesting and  
would be great if it was easily plugged in to other systems (Unfuddle  
API comes to mind) as well so there was a place to track truly site- 
specific changes that won't be change on d.o


Joshua Brauer

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On May 3, 2008, at 1:36 PM, Michelle Cox wrote:

> Well, I can't answer for the project devs but I know I'd love this.  
> I've often wished I could add a warning to update status to remind  
> me not to blindly update certain modules. While I avoid hacking  
> modules whenever possible, there are some times that changes in a  
> module's directory is unavoidable and my usual practice of deleting  
> the whole directory before untarring the new one gets me in trouble.
> Michelle
> On Sat, May 3, 2008 at 1:51 PM, Daniel F. Kudwien <news at unleashedmind.com 
> > wrote:
> Hi friends,
> Journal module will be enhanced to allow developers to manage a list  
> of hacks and patches that have been applied to a Drupal site.  I'm  
> posting this announcement to devel list, because I guess that many  
> devs are concurrently working on multiple projects, and have created  
> and/or applied various patches to these sites.
> The goal is to track all customizations, so there is finally an  
> answer to the question whether Drupal core and contributed modules  
> can be updated easily when a new version is released.
> d.o. issue: http://drupal.org/node/254303
> To make this feature rock, I could imagine a project_issue and  
> update(_status) module integration:
> 1) project_issue: Periodically query d.o with a list of issue  
> numbers and update their status in Journal's patch list.
> 2) update(_status): Add a warning to a module's entry, if there's a  
> patch recorded in Journal that is not of status 'fixed'.
> Thus, I'd like to specifically ask the maintainers of project_issue  
> and update(_status), whether these features would be supported by  
> them.
> Daniel

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