[development] How Trellon gave back to Drupal (May 2008)

Jerad Bitner sirkitree at gmail.com
Fri May 30 16:49:04 UTC 2008

My last comment _was_ a bit brash, as I do find these posts enlightening, I
just don't think a list is the proper place for it. I subscribe to drupal
planet and see the post there and that just seems a more appropriate place

That being said, I love teleport module and wish more shops would post
monthly summaries of their contributions. But still, drupal planet seems
better suited for this kind of information.

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:44 PM, Michael Favia <michael at favias.org> wrote:

> Michelle Cox wrote:
>> What about the consultants list?
> That wasnt my understanding of the purpose of that list but i see the
> connection you make. If people are actually willing to participate in such a
> system as saying what you did last month and what you near term plans are
> for development (cooperation) i think that this would make a wonderful list
> idea. Id subscribe for the planning portion for sure. But as it stands we
> only have 1 contributor (morbus). Perhaps it does belong on the dev list
> until we have some more volume. Is anyone else REALLY interested in such a
> list?
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