[development] How could everyone win and get Views in Drupal 8?

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Wed Aug 12 17:50:53 UTC 2009

Chris Johnson wrote:
> I'm kind of obsessive about having fast, lightweight core code so that
> I can still build a very fast site without throwing lots of hardware
> at it.

>> tracker.module: Just a view.
>> blog.module: Just a view.
>> /node front page: Just a view.
>> /rss.xml: Just a view.
>> node content admin: Could be a view, with VBO.
>> user admin: Could be a view, with VBO.
>> recent comments block: Yep, a view.
>> recent blog posts block: Yep, a view.
>> active forum posts? Sho 'nuff.

Out of curiousity, how many of those things do you use on your fast, 
lightweight sites?

tracker.module: Not fast.
blog.module: Does anybody *really* use this?
node front page, river of news: The weight of 10+ node_load() calls 
vastly outweighs anything Views adds to this.
admin pages: It's ok for them to be a little heavy.

The blocks can be cached.

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