[development] Back to Curl-based content generation

Martin Stadler martin at siarp.de
Thu Feb 19 15:41:43 UTC 2009

I'm trying to clean-up this thread (I know I shoudn't)...

Useful things first so people who don't care about nonsense can skip  
the rest:

Marco wants to be able to post content to arbitrary (not under any  
control by him) Drupal sites via command line. There seem to be two  

1) Use a script like http://drupal.org/node/80548 . If you for some  
reason don't want to use PHP it should be easy to extract the cURL  
code to use it in a shell script or whatever as I pointed out earlier  
on this list.

2) Use SimpleTest as this seems to contain this functionality also  
based on cURL.

@Marco: What more do you need? What kind of better prepared solution  
do you expect? What kind of documentation is missing? You already said  
you would be fine with these resources. I don't quote understand why  
this is still an issue.

Now comes the social part:
I think Marco is right when he is unhappy with most of the answers to  
his question. It seems most people didn't read so why do you answer  
then? I'd like to see more respect. Ok, I stop here.

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