[development] Convince Client to Release Code

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 13 12:10:20 UTC 2009

> he client to prevent you from distributing it under
> > the GPL.
> I think it depends on the terms of the contract.
> eg. if I am an employ of XYZ, I'm "exposed" to a GPL program and the
> holder of the copyright is XYZ I still may not distribute it.
> I think this is the case with modified Apache/MySQL at Google.
> They don't "leak out".
That's the way it was explained to me last summer when I got into a 
battle with a former client and lawyers got involved. Now every client I 
do work for is on a contract and that contract stipulates if I can or 
can not release any of the work. If they don't want me to then the 
hourly rate also is higher.

Jamie Holly

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