[development] PHP Standards Group

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Wed Nov 11 19:37:37 UTC 2009

> "we'll be involved in developing such standards and will 
> adopt them wherever feasible, but we do not commit to 
> following all standards if they are incompatible with 
> Drupal's basic architecture."
> --Larry Garfield

+1  Yes, that makes sense.  I think it is what we (sometimes silently) did
anyway.  Some of our standards are self-made (for good reason), but there
are also a couple that were directly derived from example code snippets on
php.net's documentation pages.  In some cases, when there was no consistent
standard on php.net, we even asked them for the proper standard and to fix
their docs.

I'm not quite sure how they can ignore an architecture like Drupal.  I'm not
sure whether I know of a PHP framework/CMS that is NOT extensible and
doesn't support extensions to be placed in various locations, and therefore
wouldn't support this strict filepath based namespacing.

Thanks for staying involved, Crell!


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