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Thu Nov 19 14:04:21 UTC 2009

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Spotted this that might maybe explain one cause for module number
inflation (I too am not convinced number of modules it's actually a

On 19/11/09 12:21, Ashraf Amayreh wrote:
> Note that I'm not saying these are EXACT replica of each other, but I'm sure
> everyone would agree that it would have been better to collaborate on one
> and incorporate all features rather than creating new modules to achieve
> *some* added functionality.

> Search "Aggregation"
(two snipped plus feeds see below)
>    - FeedAPI
>    - Feed Field (?)
>    - KML Parser (FeedAPI addon)
>    - FeedAPI comments (FeedAPI addon)
>    - FeedAPI Data (FeedAPI addon)
>    - ical feed parser (feedAPI addon)
>    - CSV parser (feedAPI addon)
(one more)
>    - FeedAPI Image Grabber (feedAPI addon)

All of these ARE modules that work and collaborate together. You
actually missed lots of feedapi addons: feedapi_eparser, feedapi_dedupe,
feedapi_languagedetect, feedapi_tagger (there are more, sorry for
modules I missed, just running off the top of my head).

The architecture of FeedAPI means that you don't have do everything in
one module. People can add their special functionality in separate
modules and share this with other people that might need it.

There are an increasing number of good well written extensible modules
that are being written. Module inflation here is good :)

>    - Feeds (the successor of feedAPI? I definitely didn't hear anything
> about this, was it announced on the dev list? If so, my mistake.)

Can't remember if it was on this list, but there's a great description
of why it's the successor of FeedAPI module here

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