[development] CVS Approval Policy: was Re: new features in D6 core?

larry at garfieldtech.com larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Nov 19 16:16:14 UTC 2009

Ashraf Amayreh wrote:

> If each module developer HAD TO post to the list before being able to 
> create his project the result could have been much better. Currently 
> there's no holding any CVS owner from creating as many new modules 
> without even doing basic research and no one can know it happened or 
> object to it. I'm VERY sure this would be different if they HAD TO post 
> to the dev list first before being able to create their projects. Again, 
> I suggested very reasonable and easily implementable suggestions that no 
> one has really addressed directly yet. If my idea is a problem then I 
> would like to someone to point the drawbacks. Seeing that this will only 
> affect people who already have a CVS account then please don't use the 
> "barrier" argument as a response.
> Regards,
> Ashraf Amayreh

If adding modules to Drupal.org becomes too difficult, people will not 
bother and will just host them elsewhere, in a dozen different 
elsewhere's.  That's the worst possible scenario, and if anything would 
make duplication worse because there wouldn't even be a single 
collection to check for existing modules.

--Larry Garfield

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