[development] Ctools form wizard

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Mon Nov 30 20:33:35 UTC 2009

Dipen wrote:
> Hi list, 
>  Can I mix system form with a custom form in ctools form wizard, I wish 
> to create a wizard containing 1 node add form and 2 custom forms. I have 
> briefly looked at advanced help of form wizard and I think there would 
> be problem in dealing with _submit of node add form in module space. Has 
> anyone encountered this before? I am trying to create multistep form 
> with 1 node add form and 2 custom forms and ctools looks like the 
> cleanest way but not sure how would I get around the _submit handler 
> problem for node add form. 
>  From ctools help:
> " The primary difference between these forms and a normal Drupal form is 
> that the submit handler should not save any data. Instead, it should 
> make any changes to a cached object (usually placed on the $form_state) 
> and only the _finish or _return handler should actually save any real 
> data. "

Run in fear!

What you want to do is really really hard, especially when dealing with 
nodes, because the node form is a *very* difficult workflow that is not 
really open to being changed. I don't think the ctools wizard is going 
to help you here. That said, at one point Nick Lewis was doing some work 
trying to integrate form wizard into the node form, and he had some 
success, but I haven't seen any movement there for a long time.

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