[development] Distributed Pairprogramming for Drupal

Eike Starkmann eike.starkmann at fu-berlin.de
Thu Oct 15 13:14:54 UTC 2009

Robert Douglass wrote:
> Eike, this sounds pretty neat. Thanks for brining it to our attention.
> It would also be a good tool for training and consulting, where you
> could save a trip to the customer's office and work with them on code
> directly.
Thank you. I also thought of the scope that you can introduce newcomers
 to an Open Source Project more easily, by giving him/her a short code
tour with Saros. But this is just my thinking, since I don't know if
somebody has done this. What do you think?

Greets, Eike
> Robert Douglass
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> On Oct 15, 2009, at 2:39 PM, Eike Starkmann wrote:
>> larry at garfieldtech.com wrote:
>>> Just one point to clarify, there is no "Drupal Team" that could decide
>>> en masse to use a tool like this.  Drupal is so distributed that we all
>>> have our own development workflows using a variety of tools, often in
>>> our basements rather than our offices (although there, too).  So "Could
>>> use and Drupal benefit" is really the wrong question to ask.
>> I know that there is nobody like an manager in an office to tell the
>> people what tool to use while developing, my question is if there are
>> workflows in which Saros might improve the development, for example if
>> there are a couple of people how can "meet" within Saros and do pair
>> reviews or just working at the module together. At least this is also
>> something I would like to find out, if you say "No, we cannot use this
>> because we are all working too distributed and in different time zones"
>> this is a result for me but I strongly believe that it can be done and
>> improve development, but it also depends in the workflows you have.
>>> That said, I'm sure such a tool would prove useful to certain developers
>>> if they choose to use it.
>> Of course the developer himself has to choose it.
>>> Is it language-dependent?  Vis, most Eclipse devs work on Java, not PHP,
>>> so I am always wary of tools that may end up being centric to one
>>> particular language's development idiosyncrasies.
>> Saros is not language dependent, as far as other plugins are following
>> the eclipse guidelines. For PHP we have tested PDT, Aptana, Zent and
>> PHPeclipse. We have a full overview on this page:
>> https://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/w/SE/DPPCompatiblePlugin
>> If you would like to give Saros a try and something is missing, please
>> let me know and we will try to but it in the next release.
>> Greets, Eike
>>> --Larry Garfield
>>> Eike Starkmann wrote:
>>>> Dear Drupal Team,
>>>> My name is Eike Starkmann and I'm working working as part of the Saros
>>>> Team at the Freie University in Berlin.
>>>> Saros is an Eclipse plugin for collaborative text editing and
>>>> distributed pair programming, i.e. it allows two or more developers to
>>>> work together in real-time on the same files. It is similar to Gobby,
>>>> SubEthaEdit or Google Docs but focuses on programming in Eclipse.
>>>> It is my master thesis to figure out whether Saros is useful when
>>>> developing Free/Open Source Software. I already was in contact with
>>>> to other projects, for example Typo3 and got some good response.
>>>> In my opinion Drupal can benefit from Saros because I think it brings
>>>> many advantages to Open Source Software development:
>>>> * Distributed Pair Programming is like a live peer review. This should
>>>> help with finding good design, get rid of bugs, increase readability,
>>>> etc.
>>>> * Transferring knowledge should be easier to do when more than one
>>>> person look at and work with the same code. This should also help to
>>>> give new developers an introduction to the code.
>>>> * In contrast to screen sharing, Saros only shares your actions inside
>>>> of Eclipse with regards to the project you are both working on (think
>>>> privacy) and you are still independent to explore the project on your
>>>> own.
>>>> Saros can be useful in the following contexts:
>>>> * Working on complicated problems in the code
>>>> * Performing code reviews
>>>> * Debugging
>>>> * Code presentation
>>>> * Code sprints
>>>> * Introducing new developers to the project
>>>> * ...
>>>> What do you think? Could you and Drupal benefit from doing pair
>>>> programming using Saros?
>>>> If you are interested in Saros but still curious about how it works
>>>> please visit our website or feel free to contact me.
>>>> I hope you will find Saros useful and give me feedback.
>>>> Kind regards, Eike Starkmann
>>>> Website: https://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/w/SE/DPP
>>>> Update Site: http://dpp.sf.net/update
>>>> Saros @ SF: http://sourceforge.net/projects/dpp/
>>>> Programming Languages Supported by Saros :
>>>> https://www.inf.fu-berlin.de/w/SE/DPPCompatiblePlugin
>> -- 
>> Eike Starkmann
>> This message is part of my Master thesis research. Feel free to contact
>> my advisors in case of inappropriate behavior on my side:
>> christopher.oezbek at fu-berlin.de and stephan.salinger at fu-berlin.de

Eike Starkmann
This message is part of my Master thesis research. Feel free to contact
my advisors in case of inappropriate behavior on my side:
christopher.oezbek at fu-berlin.de and stephan.salinger at fu-berlin.de

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