[development] Distributed Pairprogramming for Drupal

larry at garfieldtech.com larry at garfieldtech.com
Mon Oct 19 17:22:23 UTC 2009

Eike Starkmann wrote:
> Vladimir Zlatanov wrote:
>> The tool is usable, in some limited fashion - project teams etc... It is
>> not a Drupal tool - there is no such beast - drupal is the tool itself.
>> Having said that the irc paste combo is used exactly in the manner you
>> suggest. Not just by the drupal crowd, but by most projects I've
>> touched.
> That's a good point. So there is a need for collaborate editing or lets
> say realtime collaborate working, which is often done using irc, but I
> think that this way of collaboration can be improved.
>> Is there space for this tool - yes. Is it big? No. Until you can
>> collaborate with others - eclipse, emacs, textmate, put your favourite
>> environment, it is not going to be attractive. People don't like to be
>> dependent on a specific platform. Everyone has their own.
> So you think nobody would change their favourite environment to eclipse
>  just because working together with Saros? That might be true, but what
> about doing reviews, you just have to use eclipse to do pair reviews,
> you don't have to switch to eclipse totally, you can keep on developing
> with what ever you want.
> Greets, Eike

I've bounced between a number of different IDEs and dislike most of 
them.  At the moment I'm using Eclipse.  Really, it is NOT a casual-use 
tool.  Especially for Drupal, it's not worth it unless you adopt it and 
take the time to customize it.  I can't see anyone using Eclipse just 
for Saros and "other" for everything else.

If adopted by a couple of people it could be enough to get someone to 
switch to Eclipse, perhaps, especially if some other Eclipse tools like 
Mylin had good Drupal-specific integration, but I can't see Eclipse 
itself as a casual-use IDE.

(I say this having not tried it yet myself.)

--Larry Garfield

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