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Mon Jul 12 09:27:13 UTC 2010

Since you have searched, please answer the second part of my previous
post: "tell us what you found and why it's not the answer you're looking
for". You must have come across custom_review or nodereview (for
reviews/ratings) and question or question_answer (for q border-left:
#1010ff 2px solid; margin-left: 5px; width: 100%;"> 

Yes, I have searched
several days from google or drupal.org [1] and drupalmodules. I think i am
very familiar with drupal modules. But can not find any suitable solutions.
I think write new modules is not the best way to solve problems. So Who
have the experience with these 2 questions, please share them.

 On Mon,
Jul 12, 2010 at 4:23 PM,  wrote:


Have you searched already?
Please search www.drupal.org [3], www.drupalmodules.com [4] and/or Google.
If that doesn't help, tell us what you found and why it's not the answer
you're looking for. 


On Mon, 12 Jul 2010 15:12:11 +0800, icerain 

Hi all,

I have the following questions recently:

1. Modules for
Question and answer. Post questions and answer them.
2. Modules for Review.
Write a review for a node(for example: a product).

Which is the better way
to implement these?

Best regards,
Bruce Dou

A decathlon Drupal
developer & programmer
http://blog.eood.cn/ [6]  

A decathlon Drupal
developer & programmer
http://blog.eood.cn/ [7]


[2] mailto:info at marcvangend.nl
[4] http://www.drupalmodules.com
mailto:doubaokun at gmail.com
[6] http://blog.eood.cn/
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