[development] Multiple modules, multiple versions, in Eclipse

Ken Winters kwinters at coalmarch.com
Sun Jun 6 18:12:58 UTC 2010

I use a single workspace for all my Drupal work (and a few other for 
code using different
coding standards).

Then I do one "project" per module per active branch.  For example, if I 
need to implement
a feature in D7 then backport to D6, I'll have one "project" per.  
Importing a project via
CVS makes this easy.  Also, I can keep most of the projects closed and 
cut down on memory footprint.

I've also got one "project" per site, containing just code that is 
unique to that site.  Custom themes, etc.

Long ago I had one mega-project with many CVS repos, but that was not 
flexible and grew unwieldy.

- Ken Winters

Syscrusher wrote:
> I need to be able to manage my modules for multiple Drupal core
> versions, and also for multiple modules, and I'm looking for advice from
> others as to the "best practices" for doing this. How did you partition
> your development environment as far as workspace, project, and folder
> levels, with regard to Drupal core and module versioning standards?

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