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Tue Jun 29 22:10:36 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am new to Drupal and I am trying to create a website that would allow
people to search for and vote on items. I have been considering creating my
own custom module or using the CCK framework.

 I don't know how to do either one of the two, so I would like your advice
on which path I should take that would be most convenient for developing my
page (description below). If you are able to point me to other tools that
you think would be helpful that would also be appreciated.

Thank you,

*Here is the description:*

   1. The page will have a series of filtering options, which users could
   select by clicking on buttons and check boxes.
   2. This input would be used to query my database for items that have a
   similar description and return a image and information of similar items to
   the user. (For the images, I am planning to store the image location on the
   database and use location to retrieve the image from the file system.)
   3. After these items are displayed the user should be able to vote on one
   item and this data would be tracked. Users should also able to undo their
   vote and vote on a new item.
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