[development] "Package" misuse

Kevin Reynen kreynen at gmail.com
Thu May 13 21:13:42 UTC 2010

I see this issue as being trivial compared to keeping third party code
like JQuery plugins out of modules and CVS.  That is a policy that's
blatantly ignored.  I have been trying/failing to get module
developers to adhere to like this issue in the views_rotator module...


There are 4,000+ sites using that module with an old version of jQuery
Cycle Plugin that makes it difficult for other modules to leverage
features of the jQuery Cycle Plugin without going in and hacking the
.js file in that module.

I know there are improvements in the javascript handling in D7 that
allow one module to override another module's javascript, but that
doesn't change the fact that developers will ignore any "policy" if
there is no enforcement.

- Kevin

On Thu, May 13, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Earnie Boyd
<earnie at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> nan wich wrote:
>> I didn't write the guidelines. I just seem to be the only one who has
>> read them. If you want to argue about them, then it should be with the
>> powers-that-be who own those guidelines.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> *From:* Brian Vuyk
>> I tend to think that two related modules probably make a good 'package',
>> so they can be found together even with alphabetically distant names.
> The point of my earlier email is that we are the enforcers of the
> guidelines.  The guidelines state 4 to 5 or more modules with the same
> purpose could be group by a package.  The guidelines state that a package
> with 4 to 5 or more sub-module could create its own package. But there is no
> guideline for what to make the package name.  It only lists a few that were
> valid at the time the guidelines were written. Maybe it is time for the
> guidelines to be revisited.
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