[development] Entity documentation needed

Ivan Jaroš ijaros at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 22:55:43 UTC 2010

*Hi. I'm looking for any documentation about working with entities in Drupal
7. I wasn't able to find anythnig usable at all. I'm not talking about
fields, there is plenty documentation and examples. Particulary I'm looking
for anything that would explain functions needed for creating a custom
entity, what are the relations between functions, what is the workflow and
examples of code. I wasn't able to find any examples that would have any of
those things. I've also found that documentation at api.drupal.org
regarding entities is really insufficient. Also there is practically none
documentation whatsoever in handbook about entities from programatical point
of view. So any typs for blog posts about entities for programmers?
*Ivan Jaroš*
*blog: ivanjaros.com*
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